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The BIM Unicorn - Why is BIM so elusive?

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

BIM Unicorn Image
BIM Unicorn

Why BIM?

Building Information Modeling was born out of a desire to create a single repository where all data is collected and then can be extracted as needed to complete a project. The issue is that early adopters created their standards based on the existing mentality of the time and then expected the new philosophy to produce the old way off doing things.

These pioneers should get credit for doing something by posing the question: Why should we use BIM, or more accurately - what is keeping us from using it? This paper explores some of the roadblocks to finding the BIM Unicorn and includes my philosophy regarding the implementation of BIM workflows and practices in the building and construction industry as we chase this mythical creature.

Some of the hurdles are listed below:

  • Difficult to change.

  • 3D is not needed.

  • Lack of project owner buy-in

  • No time.

  • Technology limitations.

  • BIM is a huge concept.

Click below to download the entire paper.

The BIM Unicorn
Download PDF • 11.51MB

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